Amelia, solo-preneur of Heritage Murals since 1997, designs wall scenes with sensitivity to clients' tastes in colour and interior design; taking into account the architectural era of their property. It is the designer's natural inclination and responsibility to bring out the best of any place situation. I will discuss ideas with clients, offering new ones when I am so inspired by the place; i.e. the aspect of the house, the view, the property period, interior decorations, wallpaper, and existing paintings on the walls. The more I can understand about the client's taste, lifestyle, interests etc., the better I can come up with a design specifically to suit their home.

I will research the subject matter, over several days, then prepare some coloured sketches of one or two layouts for an initial fee of £75.00 (small wall) £250.00 large room 2-3 walls. If client provides own images to be copied/enlarged across a wall, there is no design fee.

Classical photo-realism or abstract designs with distressed finishes are welcome. Please ask about any idea you have which I am happy to discuss in relation to your space. With my extensive experience in bespoke painted furniture for many clients over many years, I can coordinate colours schemes for murals and painted furniture with room colours.

I am passionate to develop my own style which hitherto I have barely touched on. Future designs will include symbols from world cultures. I envisage this integration to become more abstract. New mural inspirations will take as a starting point: classical scenes, to include ancient architecture, ancient civilizations, magical places, gardens, animals, ancient symbols; a development one step beyond the much loved traditional scenes of gardens and architecture. I have an interest in world wide pagan and shamanic art images and symbols – whose meanings I believe are universal across countries and cultures. I would hope I can produce timeless designs which communicate that which is at the heart of mankind, universal symbols which relate to all peoples’ lives.

I started with Textile Design in the 1990s. When my designs were becoming scenes, with an historical reference, I realized the natural progression was to mural painting. I was happy to make that decision as it seemed to attract mural commissions my way from the interior design contacts I had had whilst painting furniture! Samples from 1990s textile designs can be viewed at under the Textiles section. I particularly like ‘Roman’ and ‘Persian’ inspired designs. Although the designs are in half-drop 340mm x 640mmrepeat, (ready for textile printers) I can see now how they could easily translate into mural designs so I will take my next creative departure from these.

By early 2000s, I had reached a very confident stage with my approach and execution of clients' briefs for murals. However in 2006 everything stopped following emergency major surgery; following a long recovery, I could no longer stand for hours painting and have since then focused on other work (integrating English Language TESOL teaching and ethical fashion making). In 2014, I still wouldn’t want to take on many sided large rooms or swimming pools as I am still working on fitness following more (unrelated) ops. I could, of course, design the mural and layout on the wall for others to paint.

Ideally, I wish to paint murals on boards in my home workshop, and indeed have plans to start painting some exciting new mini-murals on boards as saleable products. (see prices below)

My choice of wood for a background is because I have extensive experience painting designs on furniture. I therefore want to utilise my skills at distressing the colour effects, producing layers of magical colour, which will be particularly relevant applied to the new abstract work I wish to develop.

COMMISSIONS (for indoors)

On boards, 6mm-10mm plywood boards.

2ft (601mm) x 2ft 6in (706 mm)

3ft (910mm) x 4ft (1202mm)

4ft (1202mm) x 5ft (1502mm)

4ft (1202mm) x 6ft (1803mm)


Cost as an average guide would be cost of board, plus around £50 per square foot for painting. Depending on research needed, and details to be included, cost can rise to £80 per square foot. This includes varnish layers to finish. (fixings separate quote, see below)


I use household water based emulsion and acrylic eggshell, mixed with acrylic paints for colour tone variations.


Boards are suitable for indoors and conservatories. All painted boards will be finished with 5 coats of water-based acrylic, colourless varnish, for durability against any exposure to dampness over time. Frames with fittings attached can be made if required; please ask for separate quote from my carpenter. Please state if you require frame to be matt varnished or artistically painted to coordinate with mural colours. Frame painting can also include layer-upon-layer distressed/sanded through/antiqued ‘effect’.


Outdoor wall murals are painted in Dulux Weathershield paints. They only come in large tins, so its an expensive layout for materials, so the fewer colours the better.

For outdoor boards, marine ply will be used, and boards will need to be set in a steel frame for durability, due to damp separating the layers of ply around edges. Hardwood could last okay, with varnish over. You would need to arrange that yourself. I can also work on any material or wood you have at your disposal that you wish to supply.