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The Amalfi Coastline Mural

This mural decorates 3 sides of a swimming pool. The design concept is of the pool being within ruins of a grand villa, situated high up the rock face of the Amalfi coast, Italy. The illusion is created of looking down and across the sea. The original walls had been painted terracotta, to match the floor tiles so it was decided to keep this background colour and paint some blue sea only partially to create the illusion. The illustrations of yachts sailng across, augment the ?sea? illusion on the warm terracotta.


Vine Colonnade
Showing painted trompe l?oeil floor tiles to match real existing floor tiles.


Sea view
Umbrella pine with imaginary steep steps down from pool to domed buildings.


Harbour view
Coastline Drive - View from hilltop villa with ficticious harbour

Pool corner - Isle of Capri from hill top
Ficticious view from hilltop villa with
steps and path leading down