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Italian niches


This pool has three large circular niches at the top end, each with pillars, which are also repeated along the pool side as part of the pool surround structure. Minimal mural decoration was required, only in the niches. The strong turquoise blue backgrounds are to compliment the turquoise of the pool, serving doubly as an exotic sky. The solution was to paint low stone balconies inside each niche, with distant hills of a Tuscan styled landscape seen through them. This gives the illusion of a world beyond. The 2 corner niches each have a pencil cypress tree, whereas the central niche has a lemon tree and a willow tree with doves. I drew the willow branches directly from the garden and my client chose the two doves, which had been a present from her husband. Due to the circular depth of the niches, trees appear and disappear, depending on your standpoint, which offers an intriguing experience when using the pool area. In this situation, ‘less is more’!


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